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Decompression under local anesthesia. Annals of Surgery De

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No comparable studies are yet available in the United States. The British

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tended portion of the abdomen and allow the gas to escape. This is

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Abelmoschus sharpei Copeland sp. nov. perennial with woody base

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of samples and price list sent free upon request. Eugene

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Physicians of much experience will readily recognise the diffi

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and delirium have been noticed. The patient becomes weak

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bill which was made a law at the last session of our

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for detailed study what symptoms of hemorrhage infection or intestinal

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and also to obtain certain other experimental data concerning the

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to the skin. In regard to the diet four small meals

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displacement of the shoulder by replacement after trimming the

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ing the condition of the heart and urine he gave ether. It was

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I Warning Although generolly safer than the amphetamines use with great caution in

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siderable thickening of the tissues was noticed especially of the peri

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