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times local pain, excessive intolerance of light, scintillations —

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coming profoundly comatose. The coma is sometimes quiet and in some

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absolute alcohol is substituted, to which tincture of iodine is added until the

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by most lay managers that these patients belong to a sort

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deficiency of the pancreatic ferments and characterized by the excretion

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cacity, the piercing to the core, remained untouched.

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mark not only in the history of hj^notism, but also in

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those in the post-abdominal region, were exceedingly small, and each enclosed only a very

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tain precise results it is essential that all the conditions of the test

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Mrs. M., 24 years old, very delicate and an&mic before

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be reflected to the eyes. It should come from the left side rather above the level

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children in utero insist upon my telling them why they are afflicted

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We shall remove one lobe, the isthmus, and part of the other

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destroy life if the face be pallid, the surface cold, and the pulse

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gives off a second branch to the flexor carpi ulnaris and passes obliquely

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glass-stoppered bottles. The operation is repeated each succeeding

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propagate "fourth disease" to the scarlet fever patients.

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Spirochceta pallida in Congenitally Syphilitic Infants. — Case i. Infant died

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the position he takes several instances in which poverty, with overcrowd-

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of some of its terrors by the duration of the malady. Were the annual

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sive attraction alone ; for it may be mixed with melted tin, and

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Trumpington house. That servant soon sickened of the fever,

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Also Reprint. — Howard (W. T.). jr. Extra-intestinal

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symptoms of prostration occur, tonics and stimulants.

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means, and some of which was doubtless also hopeless.

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different experiences, beliefs, ideals and practices in each personality.

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types were always absolutely increased until late in convalescence when the

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identity witii voltaic ele* tridtj which has been fonnd experimentally to be capable of all its ftinctions.

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ness of expression, the exactness of statement, and the intuitive way in which

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Lord indeed spoken only by Mose^-- ; that makes chivalry possible. Our fac-

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lowed her to take care of her house, whilst formerly

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most part enclosed by a wall. Of late years, through the

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fruits; etc. ; exercise, baths, pleasure-excursions, a course of saline

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Vermont, an epidemic of nervous disease, in which the

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decolorized ami disappvureil from view. The panwite became, almost immediately, deformed and

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during £n operation. It has two stirrups, which can be adjusted to any length

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considerable cough from the laryngeal affection, yet the expectoration had