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a bright, intelligent, and accomplished woman. Her menstrual periods
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June H, 1900 : Haemoptysis has been present during the last six
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support may be substituted. If there is no such tendency,
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tures and recitations upon the various departments of medical science. Ample opportunities will
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following the gustatory nerves : (d) the net-work on the dorsum and the
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of function among the minute elements of the tissue involved is
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veins (cirrhosis of the liver or portal thrombosis, Fig. 21). In the latter
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This patient gained in weight and strength while under this treatment
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G. A. Kennedy, Macleod ; British Columbia, O. Morris, Vernon.
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del De-Viceutiis nell' idroftalnio. Arch.di ottal., Palermo,
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Discussion. — Dr. Randall advocated the reporting of such
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feet. About 90 square feet is considered a sufficient space ; but in
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that ten per cent, of all cases of laparotomy are fol-
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constituted a reliable exposition of the surgery of Salernum
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Mary Drexel Home; Assistant Physician to Out-patient
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July 23d. — General health improved — the slough not occupying niore
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smoking is customary it is not uncommon to see cats, dogs, and
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retarded coagulation; (this experiment, however, was not, in
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internal heat, a brisk application of cocaine and arterial sedatives may
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depress the secretion of bile. To this group belong purely
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contrary, the expectation of direct practical results, or of what
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August 3, aged 75 years. — Dr. G. W. Ryan, Niantic, 111., July
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months of age or older are not recommended to begin
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Hydroleine will make a patient gain weight steadily
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' 24. Whosoever shall unlawfully and maliciously administer to, or cause
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large quantities of nitrate of polassa, and some other agents of similar
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three-quarter inches, attempt the [lelvic version before resorting to
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Quinine does not affect it in the least, and time alone seems to limit
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tonics, and that these could not be resumed with safety for a
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erate surgeon; an unassuming gentleman; an humble Christian.
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bronchitis from wetting the feet, even in midsummer. While
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The interpretation of readmission data is challenging.
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this case also the mucous membrane appeared free from any deposit.
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with a review of existing emergency ambulance services
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Of the individuals in whom the disease was perfectly regular, there
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Vecchio has reported the tolerance of the heart muscle to suture and although he
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At 7 p. m. he was very restless and complained of strangury and of severe
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co-eidstent ansBmia the presence of dropsy is no doubt attributable.
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lessness, in which opinion Dr. Gray {British 3Iedical Journal, March