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talion the Cheshire Regiment (late the 2nd Cheshire), is promoted to be

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duced a discussion on the advisability of the medical practi-

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the local requirements of the different portions of the Empire.

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soon after under treatment. The prevention of this particular symp-

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and pathologist at the Queen's Hospital, and has held the

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mil H|> liy old inflammatory exudations in those regions. It is remark-

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As a clinical fact, there is a close relation of the female generative

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Another bacterium has also been proved to initiate cholelithiasis

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of it as a disease from which no one could be regarded as exempt.

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siimi iodid is to be gaged solely by its remedial effects, some late

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Douglas Hamilton Anderson, M.B., CM., St. Margaret's, Twickenham,

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wiiich an average boy in the fifth form of a good school

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the services which Mr. Favell has rendered to the General

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effusion. These are, however, only occasional and secondary changes,

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This sense, therefore, should be tested in every case of supposed cere-

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Auscultation usually affords the most unmistakable signs. At the

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Italy for persons attending the Congress. The party will start on

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is present, but instead every variety of cooing or harsh bronchial breath-

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of the question. It is said to be in some patients a sign of the approach

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the only insane symptom. The person who tends to throw

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In order to compensate for this loss of nutritive material by the

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tlie enormous space comprised in the district is considered,

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stenosis or forced inspiratory movement with the mouth and

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and Microscopes, including New Books, Diagrams, Medical

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substitute whatever for laboratory work ; and in the introduc-

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The so-called status lymphaticus is characterized by weakness of the

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staggers in walking, while it is found to be deaf. The staggering grad-

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occur without an appreciable symptom. Hence we read of aneurysms

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happen so soou as an epidemic once fully took root — the beds

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fact that originally the adrenal glands are derived from a branch of

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that the opening ceremony cannot take place until next year,

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Every attack of rheumatic valvulitis, therefore, leaves its trace

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Dr. Glover hoped that time would bring the Society of

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cose, or grape sugar, and appears to have been first described

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the will. But the choreic movements by no means involve all muscu-

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By Dr. G. M. Gould. London: G. P. Putnam's Sons. 1S93. 9s.

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on that account the site of an injury may become seriously infected

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part of the suggestion was lost. Tlie proposed duties for the