with any basic aniline dye, or with carmine or lifematoxylin
white lead or arsenic is used in the manufacture, and shall provide a
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came under my notice three years ago the following was the note taken :
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coli, the bacillus of typhoid, and the bacillus prodigiosus,
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stoke Nevvington. Aethub L. Mabshlall, M.B.Cantab., etC'.
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The man looked very ill and anxious. The temperature was 100"^ only,
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following case ; the patient is here to-night, and the facts
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frorn acute laryngitis and tonsillitis, almost unable to
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Diagram 6.— Air Lock of Forth Bridge : transverse section.
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which varies lietween fifty and one liundred, or more occasion-
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lerate tissue metabolism, and have a greater infiuence on the skin than
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calious to the Medical Superintendent by April 4th.
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month the number of sanitary districts where the disease was heard of in
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The progress of public health administration in Scotland
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ham, Middleton ; Dr. H. B. Greene, Southsea ; Mr. W. Gardner, Mel-
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is split up in the intestine into salicylic acid and phenol.
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impossible, owing to the extreme curve of the prostatic
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namely, the water supply of that town. He believes that the
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Practical Pharmacy for Medical Students. By A. Campbell Stark. Lon-
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ing intolerable? We do not like to throw up the appoint-
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Mansion House on the 18th inst. at a conference of delegates of sanitarj-
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not pancreatic, is at present open to question. Perhaps Dr.
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opportunities ought to be given for that purpose. Seeing
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fection. Of those animals which were treated two only deve-
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2. The withdra^val from the professors of all direct interest in the
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of the contagion liberated from the putref-iction which occurs
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the United States, the Argentine Republic, the Republic of
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the abscess cavity in the left loin was found to extend into the pelvis,
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dered any lead that might be in the system practically in-
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tise "barberisin^," "polling," etc., and to others for the "cui ring of simple
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system (which as tlie result of the movement led by
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willing to give effect to representations which he feels to be
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