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in the Vitoria Rifles Armory, which was largely at-

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n. s., xiv, 129-133. Also: Tr. KentucUv M. Soc, Louis-

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In the use of Aconite it is unimportant concerning the kind of

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attend, as important business will be laid before the society.

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he feels better at once, as the gauze has, by mere contact,

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repeatedly noted white lines in the direction of the straight tubes, and

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do with the common lymphatic system. These membranous

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The contents of these volumes cover very nearly the entire

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allowed to cool very slowly, that large crystals may form.

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wakened up to the new life before the old one is laid aside ; and

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canal, and by producing vomiting, by which the secretions poured in by the

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er's milk. Though the milk of many animals has been tried with vary-

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as to their effect on pure cultures of the gonococcus,

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phraseology of Dr. Bastian, the defective action of his

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event phosphoric acid is not the true Kalkfanger, is by double decompo-

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nests of carcinoma were unchanged, but within it there re-

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valuable remedies in this case. Senega is the best of

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1882, was dedicated to the Society for the Prevention of

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presence of minute proportions of certain volatile organic acids, which

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the buccal and pharyngeal mucous membranes following within three

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and nitrogen eliminated ; and the estimated weight of vege-

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34. Matthes : Ergebn. d. inn. Med. u. Kinderh., 1914, xiii, 82.

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Arneth's Neutrophile Blood-picture? Anisoleukocytosis

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Each subject also completed the Cornell Word Form-2,

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commodation for near vision, but did not react to light. Tactile

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angular aperture greater than 82° have a larger aperture than dry objec-

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depart from this natural or normal type, a pathological or diseased

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front legs. In horses of heavy draught, the ligaments of the

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Friday, May 2-1, for the purpose of forming a Medical

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Under the chemical changes induced by ultra-violet fre-

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M.D., Fellow of the Massachusetts Medical Society, Mem-

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vrith the coutente of the pustules, and on the other by the contagion,

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Sibson), at the origin of the coeliac axis which it often involves ; they are

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first a deep red line extended across the neck from left

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also insist on a fact, too often overlooked, that, whilst

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lesion present. There is no evidence that the gonococcus or its toxin

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spark, and that such a man is, like a poet, "born and

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efit for these patients, 28 treatment with cytotoxic agents has