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Family Library, and costs but fifty cents. It should lay on the mantle-
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after death, the body was found to be extremely emaciated. Both
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the facts. For the purposes of this investigation, it
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coat of arteries, especially, appeared to be one of the substances likely
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degeneration of the epithelium of the villi. That syphilitic poison
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rapid and perfect. There is a light-brown discoloration
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for the understanding of the complex forms ; and, in this event, to
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It is a striking fact that virulent bacilli were demonstrated
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the former to be done in London to an extent and with a degree of im-
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The advantages of the intra-muscular treatment are : —
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and in only two instances did the attacks occur simultane-
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shallow, others, especially the larger ones, formed
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lying free in the fluids, and very few of them iti the
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pates in tlie above degenerative changes, but not in a marked degi'ce :
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good as to be fit for the rich only ; and he recommended a double dose for
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Some of these growtlis were 2 centimeti-es in lenotli. Luschka
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tion of the extremity of w hone is sliown by the following- case:
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cases of low fever he found the heart in a softened condition, in what he
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gentleman in his niiitieth year, in full possession
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cells and neuroglia appear normal. White substance contains
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English literature. Stress had been laid on the question of clotting, and it
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times associated with hsematuria ; the urine is of a rosy or brownish colour,
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in the uric acid output after splenectomy, while in one case (3) the
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in a state of over-activity, cod-liver oil is generally of
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jects enit)raced in this small volume are treated. It is up to date in
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hanging down, and an esophagoscope is introduced. A metal speculum in
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faeces or gas, and when my finger was in I could feel the